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Huracan Network

Team Members

Below is where you can find all of the team members that make what we do possible!

Justin J.

Owner - Huracan Network

Meet Justin, the CAD/MDT entrepreneur who's always up for a good time. With four years of experience under his belt, Justin knows how to run a successful business while still keeping things light and fun. Whether he's cracking jokes or putting in the hard work to grow his company, Justin always brings a contagious enthusiasm to everything he does. And even when he's feeling a little lazy, his passion for his business keeps him driven and focused. Justin is the perfect blend of laid-back and driven, and he's always a pleasure to be around.

Evan S.


Hi, I am an Executive with Huracan Network. My discord tag is Evan S. | HN#1404.

Bill F.

Chief of Staff

Bill F. is the current Chief of Staff at Huracan Network. Bill is an experienced executive with over years of experience in the technology industry. He has held a wide range of senior management positions at some of the most respected technology companies in the industry. At Huracan Network, Bill is responsible for overseeing the organization’s operations, corporate strategy, and administration performance. He has established a team of experienced Administrators to ensure that the company is well-positioned to continue to innovate and invest in its technology offerings. He is also responsible for managing relationships with key stakeholders, including customers, partners, and investors.

Robert H.

Network Administrator

I am Robert. I have been with Huracan Network for over 2 years, mostly being a part of the Network Administration team. My skills of commitment and my experience I’ve gained with Huracan Network has allowed me to remain in my position with the occasion rank promotion expanding my experience and knowledge with HN. I’m currently studying policing at university while still being available most of the time


Network Administrator

I am Quake524. I have several years of experience working inside of Huracan Network. I am currently the standing Lead for Team 2 within Network Administration.

Isaiah B.

Network Supervisor

We currently do not know much about Isaiah.

Josh S.

Network Supervisor

I am a passionate and hardworking individual who loves to explore new opportunities. I enjoy learning and growing my knowledge base, and I strive to improve myself every day. I am an outgoing person that loves to make new friends, and I'm always looking for ways to make a positive difference in the world.

Dion M.

Network Supervisor

We currently do not know much about Dion.


Network Supervisor

We currently do not know much about Scarff.

Lucky L.

Network Staff

My name is Lucky L. I am a work in progress. Child of god.

Austin H.

Network Staff

Austin H. is a high school student from the United States. He is a hardworking staff member who is passionate about learning and gaining knowledge. Austin is a bright student and an excellent public speaker. He is also a competitive debater and has won many awards in the past year. Not only is he academically successful, but he is also very involved in his school and community. Austin is a member of the student council, the debate team, and the robotics club. Additionally, Austin is a volunteer at a local animal shelter and loves to spend time with animals. Austin loves to travel and explore new cultures, and he has already visited four different countries. He is an avid reader, and loves to read classic literature. Austin is a devoted student who strives for excellence in all aspects of his life.

Mack S.

Network Staff

Hello, I am Mack S. I've been in and out of Huracan Network for about a year now. I am currently a Network Staff within HN. I am normally a nice and friendly guy and can take a joke but when I need to be I can be professional. Hope you all have an amazing day.

Liam H.

Network Staff

Hi, I'm Liam H and I have the pleasure of being involved within Network Administration. I'm actively working in Huracan Solutions and the network. I've worked my way up the ranks within Huracan Solutions and now have the pleasure of being involved with Huracan Network. I would just like thank the Senior Administration Team of Huracan Network. If you need me, please contact me on Discord at Liam H | HN#8130

Jack L.

Network Staff

My name is Jack and I'm a Network Staff here at HN. I love Football and Hockey. I play video games in my spare time. I am a hardworking individual and passionate about my job here at HN.

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