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Platinum CAD



  • 8 Departments
  • Unlimited Subdivisons
  • Partially Custom Tow System (V2 will hopefully have it completed)
  • 100% Custom MDT Design by Steven R. for the LSPD BCSO and Highway
  • Custom User List for easier and faster administration
  • LEO Suspension System
  • Improved Dispatch System
  • Custom DMV Licensing System for more realistic RP
  • One easy spot for your 10 codes Signal Codes and Penal Codes
  • Owner Failsafe (isRichard = yes is the current listing for it Same System used by Overseer)
  • LEO Suspension Failsafes So Alts Can't Be Abused
  • Partially Mobile friendly
  • Custom Homepage For All CAD Members To Find Patrols Applications SOP etc.
  • Start of a custom Link Manager system
  • Banhammer System
  • Twotter System
  • 4K Quality Compatible


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